Malek Ben Romdhane

science/music enthusiast;
~ ./about
My name is Malek Ben Romdhane and I am an MIT undergrad (class of 2017) from Tunisia studying
computer science.
I like to code, play guitar, play puzzling video games and other stuff regular people enjoy
doing. I also like to learn and dabble in unknown territories, acknowledge the unknown and
try to conquer it.
More concretely, I enjoy doing projects in multiple fields (mainly CS and electronics), reading
about science, and solving programming problems (on Project Euler and Hackerrank mainly).
The image below represents my current progress on Project Euler:
~ ./skills
To get a copy of my résumé, please click on this link.
For a résumé of my résumé, here is a list of my current skills/past exposures:
* c/c++
* java
* python
* html5/css3
* php/mysql
* javascript/jquery
* ios/objective-c game development (cocos2d)
* qt
* android development
* linux environment/programming
* bash
* pascal
* matlab
* flash/actionscript 2&3
* some blender
* some photoshop/illustrator